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Take college-level guitar lessons from home and avoid college fees with online lessons from Ben Bouissieres Music. Eliminate the commute and save time with the flexibility to learn from anywhere. Master the fretboard, shred, and understand music theory on guitar.



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Enrich your life with the guitar by taking the Beginner Fundamentals course and avoid years of trial and error.


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Take your guitar playing to the next level with this program for musicians who want to improve technique and musical understanding.


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This program is for guitar players who want to shred but struggle with speed and fluidity. Learn the right way to develop advanced technique and break out of that rut.

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Lesson Programs

"Like many others I decided to teach myself to play guitar. I used online beginner websites, books, and YouTube videos.  After 2 years, I started to plateau and found myself practicing and playing many of the same songs and found myself in a rut. I was lucky enough to meet Ben through work and decided to try him out. After one year of taking lessons from Ben, my playing has vastly improved. I have not only learned and developed an array of new techniques and skills, but the way Ben uses music/guitar theory to explain the ‘why’ behind chords, scales, techniques, etc. helps you become a musician.  Personally, my goal is to become the best guitar player and musician I can possibly be. I would be light years behind where I am today if it were not for Ben.  I highly recommend you give Ben a try.  You will not regret it!"

Keedan – Plymouth, Minnesota, US

"Ben is not just a fantastic guitar player, but he is a fantastic teacher as well. Calm, intuitive and knowledgeable, Ben has the ability to cater to YOUR needs by immediately addressing your weaknesses and empowering your strengths. If you want to learn to play guitar, contact Ben. You won’t regret it!"

Max - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Ben is nothing short of great. He is one of the few tangible guitar teachers that can give you the keys to the Lamborghini. He's been nothing but patient and accommodating for me and my hectic student schedule. He is a stand-up guy and I already play exponentially faster and better than when I started. At a dollar a minute I don't think you can do any better than Ben Bouissieres."

Eric - Monroe, Connecticut, US

"Telling I had quite a lot of guitar teachers in the past, is quite an understatement. Some of them were technically impressive, other less. Some had a very "school-like" method, other not. Anyway, none of them was able to make me play fast. It was a bit like learning to no avail.
Because there was nothing like advice, detailed explanations, or tips or things like "hold your pick rather that way, try to place your hand like that, etc". So, I nearly came to think that I was not made to play fast, that I reached my uppermost limit. Disappointing.
That's where Ben enters. Not only he is a very skilled guitarist, but he is also an awesome teacher with a very special method that DOES work. Well, in a nutshell, working with his method and advices yielded in far more results in a few weeks than I had in years. There was already large improvements after the 1st week. Be it with pure technic skills or improvisation/musicality.
That's with only 3 working sessions per week for technique ('round 1h each) and maybe 10-20 min per day for pure musical work (improvisation) for me.
Massive gains on every side in a very short amount of time? Yes!"

Rémy – Saint-Quentin, France

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Jordan Pic 2.jpg

"I am a drummer who grew up playing Guitar Hero and Rockband, always wishing I could shred those solos in real life as well as I could in the game. So I ended up buying a guitar and trying to teach myself for years to absolutely no avail - my playing was incredibly sloppy, and everything I tried to learn felt disjointed and uncomfortable. I took lessons for about a year and made as little progress as I had made before. Then I met Ben and started taking lessons from him, and now after a few months of lessons, I feel as though I understand the secrets that all the pros wanted to keep out of the public! My shredding ability is coming along, and it actually feels natural and motivating, and I'm seeing legitimate progress in my playing like I've never seen before."

Jordan – Tacoma, Washington, US


Ben is a professional musician with over a decade of teaching and gigging experience in various genres, including rock, country, funk, jazz, classical, R&B, P&W, gospel, and metal.

He has taught beginner to advanced musicians and focuses on technical prowess and easy-to-understand music theory.

Ben plays and subs in numerous Twin Cities bands, including Maiden Dixie, Happy Metal, Coyote Wild, Bella Diva, Blue Water Kings, Sumo Seven, KCGO Big Band, Smitty Pit, Akouo, Christian Family Church, and The Wave.

He also transcribes, arranges, and records guitar and bass for the Happy Metal YouTube channel.

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I’ve progressed more in two months taking lessons with Ben than I have since I’ve started playing guitar, which has been off and on give or take for 10 years. His way of teaching is pretty awesome and effective. Not only is Ben a great instructor with a vast amount of knowledge, but also a monster on the fretboard who can backup what he teaches. If you need guitar lessons you won’t regret choosing Ben Bouissieres.

Taylor - Mineral Wells, Texas, US

I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years, in this period of time I’ve learned theory and gained skills that let play some advance music, but speed and accuracy was something that always was a barrier for me, after taking lessons with some teachers and taking online “gain speed in weeks”, then I discovered Ben, he doesn’t tell you that has a magical stone that will allow you to play fast in a couple days or weeks, he does his work with you every lesson and tells you the exact points where you are weak, I and show how to do it correctly with the right technique, you don’t realize that you are improving, but someday you play a song and have a different feeling, Feel more comfortably, secure and faster than you were before, definitely Ben is a teacher I recommend, he is the best teacher that I’ve taken lesson in my life!

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