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Efficiency is key

Time is scarce. Time is money. Learning correctly and efficiently is key. Most beginner students will lose days, months, or even years trying to learn guitar on their own. While there can be some benefits to being self-taught (i.e.: people get lucky and figure out a lot of things on their own) most students will waste countless hours without making significant progress.  Many musicians will end up plateauing or even worse: they will give up and quit.

With my help, numerous beginner guitar students have made MASSIVE progress throughout the years by learning the right fundamentals.  Not only do I teach my students the right habits from the start, but I also instruct them on how to learn. They become proficient in solving musical problems which is a mandatory skill for becoming a great musician.

I can help you become a great guitar player. I can guide you towards achieving your musical goals. In order to do so efficiently, I need to learn more about you. Click on the link below and fill out my questionnaire so that I can create a plan for you for our online guitar lessons.