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Summer Shred Bootcamp

Aspiring shredders, struggle no more! Join my online Shred Bootcamp for individualized mechanical analysis, correct shred technique implementation, weekly group and 1-on-1 lessons, motivation, accountability, and a proven practice program.


Open to 6 students worldwide with some lead guitar experience, a commitment to 2+ hours of daily practice, and availability for weekly classes.


Transform your playing forever by filling out the questionnaire to apply.


"When I heard about your course I was somewhat skeptical because attaining speed hasn't been easy and I had come to the conclusion that to reach shred speeds I should've started my journey at a younger age.  Within 2 weeks of the bootcamp I had made strides that I did not expect to make. My timing and technique has improved tremendously.  By the end of the first month I had doubled my speed with several different licks.  You gave me the tools and showed me the process to setting my fretboard on fire. Thanks Ben!!"

Brad Ward - North Carolina

Shred Bootcamp with Ben was tons of fun! If you do everything he says and put in the work you will see the results! My hand synchronization and speed both made great improvements. The group aspect of it all was really neat. Everybody got to hold each other accountable, and it was really awesome getting to know one another as well as seeing the progress everyone made throughout the week. I would highly recommend it, and I look forward to next summer!

Taylor Needham - Texas

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