Hands on Guitar Strings


Why technique? Technique is what allows you to play accurately and in time. When technique is weak or underdeveloped, you might find that you're randomly missing notes, that your hands are out of sync, that unwanted open strings ring out, or that your timing is loose. This is where a proper practice routine comes in. I will teach you how to develop it and provide you the exact tools you need.

Why Music Theory? Music Theory explains what is happening in music; it removes the uncertainty that many musicians face. Music theory was created to explain why music works the way that it does; it isn't a set of rules or limitations but rather a way to understand music. Understanding music theory removes much of the uncertainty most musicians feel when playing. Music Theory may be a scary notion to some, but I specialize in making theory simple and easy to understand.  

I can teach you proper technique and music theory but I need to get to know you musically. Click the link below to fill out my student questionnaire and I will create a customized plan for you.